Korat Céleste

Elevage familial de chats de race Korat.

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           Korat Céleste's Cattery!

We are pleased to introduce our companions and their childrens. We breed exclusively in our cattery Korat cats and kittens. We guarantee that each of our kitten is conforms to the breed standard recognized by the french LOOF.

Very playful companions, the Korat keep throughout their long life the mischievous spirit of kittens. Remarkably attentive to the life of the house, very active, they will amaze you with their intelligence and ingenuity.

Discover how they are so lovable companions and adorable!



La chatterie du Korat Céleste


Korat Céleste

Élevage professionel de chat
de race Korat.
Siret : 81312819600017


Korat Céleste
27, Rue Sigorgne
71000 Mâcon